History of RST

screen printing tension meters PAST: RST Gauge has been providing high quality meters, & instruments for over 27 yrs. Started in 1984 by Gene Rosson as “Rosson Screen Technologies”. Gene’s passion for helping screen printers solve problems lead him to develop a “press analyzer gauge. This gauge was used to evaluate the parallelism of squeegee and the platen of a press. This product was the first true quality control instrument used by screen printers to check the flatness of their printing platens. In the late 80’s, to further meet the request of quality conscious screen printing companies, Gene developed and patented, the “RST Frame System” which was a very rugged re-tensionable frame system, which was eventually sold to HIX Corp in Pittsburg, KS. RST also developed several types of Screen Tension Meters. The Screen Tension meters were manufactured in a variety of models over the years to meet both international, and domestic customers. The Screen Tension Meters were sold with a lifetime warranty, and free annual calibration verification. The Screen Tension Meters became the most popular meter in the industry, and over the years RST became known as the tension meter experts.

RST’s multi-purpose durometer gauges were designed in the late 1980′ to be a universal gauge for measuring hardness of screen printing squeegees or any other type of elastomer products. This gauge was simple, and the dial was a direct reading shore A scale. The gauges can be used to measure all types of plastics, offset blankets, conveyor rolls, & gasket materials.

PRESENT: In 2011, Gene & Elaine Rosson retired, and sold the business to George Rogers in Warren, Oh & Tom Desisto in Hobe Sound, FL. George is the owner of Printers Edge. Printers Edge is the leading manufacturer of Screen printing frames, and Squeegees in the screen printing industry. Tom is the owner of SMT Stencil Supply, a supplier of products to the Surface Mount Technology industry. The business has moved from Lakeland, Fl to Warren, OH.

FUTURE: The days of quality certification has become a way of corporate life in business today. Quality testing allows a business to set itself apart from others. RST provides meters that allow you to check the quality of measureable items in your production process. There are many variables in manufacturing and using our meters & gauges to check allows you to control variables and make them a constant. All of our products are manufactured under strict tolerances and guidelines to exceed our customer’s expectations. Quality is the rule, without exception, at RST Gauge. Our staff has over 30+ years experience in the Screen printing industry, and is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to providing gauges that you can count on. Each meter undergoes 21 stringent quality control procedures during manufacture. The indicator head meets, or exceeds, the standards of accuracy & durability required by American National Standards Institute (ANSI B89.1.10), and Military Spec (Mil spec-1-18r22b). The new management of RST is committed to continuing the legacy of excellence established by Gene Rosson. We will continue to use the best materials available, and to offer products that meet the changing needs of our customers. You can count on RST for instruments that are reliable, economical, and precise. Always “Made in the USA”.

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